Bali, Indonesia & Biarritz, France Shop Owner: Cyrielle & Marine On Urbankissed since: 2018 Living by the sea and both passionate travellers, Cyrielle and Marine, 2 French girls (with Caribbean origins and living in the Basque Country) met in Indonesia where they fall in love with the people, the culture and the beautiful traditional fabric, Batik. The French ethical & eco friendly label inspired by Indonesian culture is the only brand in the world that presents a modern version of Indonesian Batik. They create all their designs and prints in France and then, they hand-craft them in Bali. Their lovely products are sold in traditional Balinese boxes, making it perfect as a gift. PLASTIC STOP: Their packaging is made out of natural fibers, reusable or biodegradable, while their labels are printed on recycled paper. LESS WASTE: They reuse all their offcuts to create new products. 100% NATURAL FIBERS: All their products are handmade without... More
Quito, Ecuador Shop Owner: Nicole Malakouti On Urbankissed since: 2019 Agua Studio is a ceramic jewelry brand founded by the Ecuadorian designer Nicole. Agua Studio handcrafts beautifully fragil ceramic pieces in Ecuador that will live forever. We always make sure to use high quality materials. We design our pieces from sketch to final product, always following an artisanal process. Spending most of our time and energy for good design in order to reflect the epitome of quality over quantity.Innovation being the key factor alongside aesthetic. Agua brings unexpected shapes with smart details, functionality and a luxurius feel. These are pieces that are not found elsewhere, worked conceptually and that have a clear traceability. More
Sydney, Australia Shop Owner: Susie Hemsted & Tessa Carroll On Urbankissed since: 2019 Ahimsa Collective is not just environmentally friendly but also environmentally beneficial . Their intention is to reduce the amount of waste on the planet and impact of the fashion industry. So (one of-) the great thing about them is that their ethos is aimed at not only reducing the footprint we have on the planet – but attempts to reverse it. They do this by up-cycling materials (Pinatex is a good example of this - the leaves of the pineapple plant - non-leather vegan accessories) into luxury products thus filling a current gap in the market for mainstream, on-trend but also environmentally beneficial products, aimed at the commercial consumer market. They also create with washable paper products which are produced in Europe. The manufacturer they choose to work with is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified, which is a symbol of the guarantee of textiles... More
Paris, France Shop Owner: Kassim Lassissi On Urbankissed since: 2019 Founded in 2018, by Kassim Lassissi, Allëdjo is a menswear clothing line made in Africa - designed and produced in Dakar, Senegal. ALLËDJO means wanderlust, nomad, or traveler in Yoruba, the mother tongue of the founder. Yoruba is a language spoken in West Africa, principally in Nigeria and Benin. The brand has been founded with a desire to merge a passion for travel and exquisite apparels. Each collection is dedicated to a destination and its culture. Our brand embodies the man on the move, with a deep concern for sustainability and the preservation of cultures. We also identify to the apparent simplicity of yet complex designs. « People come, live and go ». And we are here to celebrate the diversity of the world. We aim to give visibility to African craftsmanship, delivering the highest quality of products and developing the textile production industry on the continent by... More
Nahuizalco, El Salvador Shop Owner: Maria Elena On Urbankissed since: 2019 Founded and designed by María Elena, Alma Weaving creates iconic, sustainable and highly fashionable woven leather bucket bags. Alma Weaving is committed to supporting new generations in El Salvador by employing skilled local artisans. Her iconic and authentic handmade bags promote sustainability and growth within their community. Its raw material, recycled plastic thread that is also 100% recyclable is handwoven by local artisans and combined with a removable genuine leather pouch. These bucket bags are perfect for weddings, parties, chiringuitos lunches, trendy gifts or to organise your stuff in a beautiful way. We LOVE! More
New York, United States Shop Owner: Arielle On Urbankissed since: 2019 ARIELLE is a sustainable apparel label committed to organic, recycled and zero-waste fabrics, local manufacturing, fair-trade operations and plastic-free production. We invite you to join us in raising global awareness and responsibility in the wardrobe, and beyond! Our vision is built from the ground up: we source all materials with great care and responsibility, enforcing supply-chain transparency, human rights standards and environmental protection. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of sustainability and will apply new solutions as they become available. The SS collection includes milk fabrics which were developed by German microbiologist and designer Anke Domaske. Spoiled milk from German dairy farms is fermented and spun into a silky fiber, produced entirely without chemicals and with very little water. The finished fabric retains all of milk's nutrients and natural... More
Usiacuri, Colombia Shop Owner: Juan Camilo Meisel On Urbankissed since: 2019 Arteli is more than a brand; it is a community with the goal of empowering the people & planet through wearable art. Our pieces represent sustainability, ethics, respect, and style all harmoniously woven into breathtaking handbags. Arteli bags speak for themselves with their vibrant, free-spirited personality. We have formed a close relationship with female artisans in the small town of Usiacuri, located in the North Coast of Colombia, who are now the magical hands behind Arteli. By working with such talented artists, we have been able to intersect the highest detailed hand creation processes with the highest quality natural materials. The making process begins with raw Iraca palm tree leaves, dried with earth’s most powerful element, the Sun. Then, the dried leaves are dyed using vibrant colors, which are extracted from various natural elements. This entire process... More
Lausanne, Switzerland Shop Owner: Delphine Haccius On Urbankissed since: 2019 WHEN SWISS EXCELLENCE MEETS FRENCH KNOW-HOW - AVANI combines timeless design, ecology and ethics to offer unique, responsible clothes without compromise. All our clothes are sustainable and socially responsible produced using organic and eco-friendly materials in order to preserve our planet for next generations. Full traceability is guaranteed for all our styles. Because it means a lot to us to preserve regional know-how, all of our creations have been designed within a radius of 280 km, between Vevey (Switzerland) and Beaurepaire (France). Our fabrics originate in Europe and our buttons are made of European boxwood. Our creations are designed in Vevey (Switzerland) and made by three women with unmatched know-how in their workshop in Beaurepaire, near Lyon. We have chosen partners with whom we share common values and who are located as close as possible to... More
Bilambil Heights, Australia Shop Owner: Maddison Verity On Urbankissed since: 2019 After 2 years of trial and research, Aysa Shoes is proudly crafted from all cruelty free man-made materials and manufactured in strictly ethical workmanship conditions. Our message is to encourage our buyers to shop mindfully and create an understanding that by shopping humanely does not mean compromising high-end style or quality. As of March 2019 AYSA also proudly donates to the Humane Society International each month. The Humane Society International is a wonderful organisation and is the largest / most effective international charity working for a more humane and sustainable world for animals. They are leaders in saving endangered species(& their habitats) and reducing cruelty in farming, trade and other industries. More
Barcelona, Spain Shop Owner: Sara Bevilacqua On Urbankissed since: 2018 Azar Studio's products are handcrafted in small quantities in Sara's home studio in Barcelona, with locally sourced materials. Azar Studio stands for slow fashion, spreading a silent beauty, artistic vibes, material consciousness and new ideas, all reflecting its own world where no conscious buying habits exists. All the founder's creativity, specific knowhow and effort are put into the creations, resulting in timeless art. Our favourite pieces from Azar Studios are the net bags which are perfect for weddings, parties, trips to the beach, trendy gifts or to organise your stuff in a beautiful way. They’re the stylish and sustainable alternative to plastic bags! Apart from treating every customer personally, they also accept custom-orders. Azar Studio has a small team creating carefully its products and keeps extremely low stocks ready to ship, ensuring that Azar Studio... More