Sydney, Australia

Creating luxurious non-leather vegan accessories by up-cycling materials such as Pinatex - the leaves of the pineapple plant, thus filling a current gap in the market for mainstream. And as if all of this wasn’t enough, for every sale they make, they donate $5.00 to a local Australian charity – for now they’re supporting GhostNets Australia, whose mission is to get rid of marine debris.


Helsinki, Finland

TAWAST is an ethical fashion brand founded by Milla Tawast. They use sustainable fabrics and ethical production that happens in our studio in Helsinki, Finland. TAWAST does not only offer seasonless slow fashion but also donates 5% of each sale to animal sanctuaries. They have personally visited these places and witnessed the amazing work they do to help animals in need.


Zurich, Switzerland

Discover chunky knitwear with an effortless elegance - handmade in Switzerland. Moving regularly to other countries, Liesbeth wanted to find a job that she could take with her. She did quite some research on finding premium quality material, 100% soft Peruvian Highland wool is used to create her line of elegant knitwear. The animals are shorn - no mulesing involved. The yarns tops are then dyed using low impact dyes certified by both REACH and Oeko Tex.


Seoul, South Korea

Timeless & trans-seasonal: Moran is a mix of Jinis culture with the city influence from her childhood spent living in Korea and the coastal lifestyle she enjoyed during her 20s living in Australia. Moran aims to lessen its impact on this earth by using plant-based natural fibre. Also they are pushing for zero plastic by using cotton bags for packing and paper craft bags for the delivery.


Miami, United States

100% organic cotton is as good for you as it is for the earth. None of their 100% organic cotton t-shirts have GMOs or harmful pesticides. No allergens. No child labor. No harsh dyes. Stylish and sustainable. Plain and simple. Super soft luxury t shirts designed to flatter. Lightweight, breathable, and ultra durable. Hand- crafted and embroidered by fair trade workers.


San Jacinto, Colombia

Teiruma stands out by offering a unique stylish, modern and premium take on the traditional Wayuu handbags. Supporting the Wayuu craftswomen of San Jacinto, Teiruma has also founded the Fundación Corazón de Papel (Paper Heart Foundation), donating solar panels to the Rancherias so that the Wayuus can have energy in their homes for the first time.


Lausanne, Switzerland

AVANI combines timeless design, ecology and ethics to offer unique, responsible clothes without compromise. All their clothes are sustainable and socially responsible produced using organic and eco-friendly materials in order to preserve our planet for next generations. Full traceability is guaranteed for all their styles. All of our creations have been designed within a radius of 280 km, between Vevey (Switzerland) and Beaurepaire (France).


Sydney, Australia

O M N E S S is a creative space housing a collection of ethically made clothing by Indonesian Artisans. We are an independently run label, designed on the coast of Sydney, Australia by Textile Print Designer Jules Gonski and are hand made slowly underneath the Balinese sun. Our clothes exude an ode to minimalism from natural fibres, and each piece helps support our local Balinese family, while too are earth friendly.


London, United Kingdom

Forging their company around sustainability and designing clothes for the nomad at heart; FARA creates stunning pieces made for floating along a sun setting beach. Their inspiration comes from the natural fabrics that have been handcrafted in India for centuries – raw silk, hemp and traditional dying + weaving processes. They only work with sustainable and natural fabrics - silk and hemp (both use no pesticides in cultivation, very little water, and are incredibly renewable).


San Jose, Costa Rica

Designed and owned by two best friends, Jessica and Alexandra, this Costa Rican based fair trade Swimwear label offers a unique combination of vintage tones combined with fun prints to represent their lifestyle in Central America. Jungle Sol uses little to no waste as possible and uses recycled Repreve fabric. Get inspired by tropical beaches right now!


New South Wales, Australia

Aysa Shoes is proudly crafted from all cruelty free man-made materials and manufactured in strictly ethical workmanship conditions. As of March 2019 AYSA also proudly donates to the Humane Society International - the largest international charity working for a more humane and sustainable world for animals.


Auckland, New Zealand

Designed between Melbourne and New Zealand and lovingly produced by a handful of artisans on the island of Bali, La Luna Rose's sustainable jewellery line are made from 99% recycled silver in a closed loop production. La Luna Rose has pledged to donate 1% of our annual sales to two charities very close to our heart and home, Bali and New Zealand.


Queensland, Australia

One brand, two sisters - the Australian based label Langdon LTD offers ethically handmade collections of handwoven textiles for you and your home. All of their goods are hand woven by artisans in Rajasthan, India using traditional techniques and the finest materials and metallic threads.


Sydney, Australia

Sparkle guilt free - for the modern bohemian, the dreamers and wild at heart! The Glitter Tribe's glitter are made from plants and not plastic - it is 100% biodegradable and can be used over and over again! Perfect for events, festivals & everyday fun.


New York, United States

Arielle is a sustainable apparel label committed to organic, recycled and zero-waste fabrics, local manufacturing, fair-trade operations and plastic-free production. Her collections are made with responsibility in NYC and include milk fabrics! Raise awareness about the plastic problem with a cheeky statement tee, printed with water-based ink (opposed to most commonly used Plastisol)!


Byron Bay, Australia

The founder and Byron Bay local Mafalda runs a small fair-trade manufacturing workshop in Goa, where the company produces its limited ranges of handcrafted garments. Each piece is created from hand-loomed and hand-woven raw silks and cotton. The prints and patterns are created with wooden blocks and natural dyes.


Bali, Indonesia

Discover Boutique was born with a unique traveling soul, providing a stunning effortless style. The brand focuses on new ways of using sustainable fabrics and natural dying techniques without compromising style. Each garment is designed in Barcelona and ethically sourced and produced in Bali, Indonesia.


Bali, Indonesia & Biarritz, France

The French ethical & eco friendly label incorporates the Indonesian Batik in modern summer clothes. Their mission includes zero waste, less plastic, less pollution, digital printing, less waste, 100% natural fabrics and much more. Their lovely products are sold in traditional Balinese boxes, making it perfect as a gift.


Los Angeles, United States

Nightswim is a Latina-owned sustainable fashion brand focused on producing high-quality beachwear that minimize fashion's harm to the planet. As a result of two years of research, Nightswim created its own terry fabric, composed of organic cotton and recycled polyester to incorporate in their slow-fashion debut collection, Nocturna.


Nahuizalco, El Salvador

Alma Weaving creates iconic woven leather bucket bags, made out of 100% recyclable plastic thread and combined with a removable genuine leather pouch. The brand supports skilled local artisans from Nahuizalco, a small town in El Salvador. The woven technique has been passed down through generations.


Les Vans, France

Common Texture - founded by three women - is a slow fashion boutique who works with artisans around the globe and celebrates their master skills. Their collections varies from woven banana fiber bags to upcycled yoga mat bags, integrating so many concepts at once: eco-materials, long lifecycle, zero-waste, up-cycling, fair trade and handcrafting.


Guajira, Colombia

Washein was founded by Claudia - Nazareth's hospital director. Her aim is to introduce people around the world with the most beautiful crafts from the native Wayúu tribe of Colombia. Washein offers straw hats and bags which are carefully handwoven by Wayúu artisans in Colombia.


Sydney, Australia

Originally from New York, Andrea Madelina - a former graphic designer & the founder of Open Objects - creates her ceramics in a small studio located in Sydney. Each object is handcrafted and vary slightly, creating a unique quality. Objects range from everyday tableware to planters.


Los Angeles, United States

The Los Angeles based brand utilises new materials and manufacturing techniques to invent new design languages within the jewelry industry. Cotton is used as the the raw material, resulting in a 100% eco friendly production process.


Usiacuri, Colombia

Arteli represents sustainability, ethics, respect & style, all harmoniously handwoven into breathtaking bags. Arteli works with women artisans from Usiacuri, a 9'000 people town located in Colombia.


Sydney, AUS

Consciously created botanical beauty & home fragrance, sourced from the best natural ingredients. 100% cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable.


Barcelona, Spain

Azar Studio's braided leather goods are ethically handcrafted in small quantities in Barcelona, with locally sourced materials. Azar Studio stands for slow fashion, spreading a silent beauty, artistic and timeless vibes.


Athens, Greece

Nefertiti Workshop was founded in 2015 by Katerina. Inspired by the most beautiful and powerful Egyptian Queen and the Hellenic aesthetic, its products are the blend of ancient elegance and handmade in Greece.


Barcelona, ESP

Founded by fashion designer Gina Cusachs, the first collection is a limited edition run of fine scarves, featuring bold artistic prints and striking colours form the brand’s signature style. Every piece is handmade in Spain using 100% Italian organic silk.


Mexico City, MEX

Mother & daughter are sharing their creation with the world, finding their inspiration in Peru. All her vests are handmade in Mexico from reversible/curry/baby Peruvian Alpaca - a high quality natural fibre, silky and luxurious made in Peru.


Athens, GR

High qualitative leather (Lace up / Boho / Wedding...) sandals handmade with love by a young extremely talented fashion designer from Greece!


Ohio, US

Ethically conscious online lingerie boutique that inspires humans to be their most authentic, sexy, and confident selves!


St. Tropez, France

Cowboy hats alike made from the best quality straw. They spread great idyllic, boho, beachy and glamorous vibes from St. Tropez!