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Urbankissed Limited Liability Company was founded by the Swiss Millennial Sophie Emily in 2017 as a carefully curated and conscious online destination to buy and sell from +50 sustainable labels. Slow and innovative ethical labels from around the world can sell their unique handmade goods on a heavily expressive and educative retail environment. It is a concept fully related to storytelling, emotional stimuli and brand curation. Inviting to join the slow living community and enabling customers to shop easily their values via Urbankissed’s Slow & Ethical Index, the featured vendors fulfill at least one of the sustainable practices within this Index, many fulfill multiple. Operating with a social impact focus, this marketplace also increasingly offsets carbon emission from delivery.

"Moving towards a more sustainable fashion industry is still at its early stages as it is hard for big players to quickly change their production processes. As the sustainable industry has still heavily to deal with prejudices from laymen, it is the momentum to put small trendy sustainable labels, which can respond faster to environmental issues, into the spotlight within one uniquely expressive and engaging platform.” - Sophie Emily Brunner, 2017

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Sophie Emily Brunner


Living in London, Sophie Emily is a Swiss millennial studying Fashion Business (Bachelor of Arts - Hons) at Istituto Marangoni.

As a former account manager and marketing coordinator at a Swiss bank, Sophie has also worked as an editorial and visual design intern at a publishing agency (Munich), as a brand ambassador at Urban Outfitters (London) and as a visual merchandiser/sales associate in a high-end department store (Zurich).

Sophie Emily is forward-thinking, detail-driven & silently ambitious. A coastal escape is also never far from her sight.