Urbankissed GmbH / Limited Liability Company was founded by Sophie Emily in 2017 as a carefully curated and conscious online destination to buy and sell. It was born out of the desire to fill a need where slow & ethical niche vendors from all over the world could sell their unique artisan-made goods on a highly inspiring designed content website. It is a concept fully related to storytelling, emotional stimuli and brand curation. Urbankissed offers emerging talents with a sustainable outlook extensive publicity and promotion through its editorial content.

The worldwide slow & ethical online operated store consists of an internationally researched edit, capturing the Coastal vibes in a retail experience and offering a stunning selection of most unique, upcoming and slow fashion brands and boutique markets. Urbankissed tends to hunt heavily on Instagram and during some travels. Every brand and piece evokes an image from far-flung corners of the Mediterranean.

"Our goal is to provide curated, sustainable and unique artisan-made pieces in a heavily inspiring & expressive retail environment. Also, Urbankissed is a great opportunity for niche vendors to increase their customer base, without the added complication of running their own website.” - Sophie Emily Brunner, 2017

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Sophie Emily Brunner


Living in London, Sophie Emily is a Swiss millennial studying Fashion Business (Bachelor of Arts - Hons) at Istituto Marangoni and working as a brand ambassador at Urban Outfitters (Covent Garden).

As a former account manager and marketing coordinator at a Swiss bank, Sophie has also worked as an editorial and visual design intern at an publishing agency and as a visual merchandiser/sales associate in a high-end department store.

Sophie Emily is forward-thinking, detail-driven & silently ambitious. A coastal escape is also never far from her sight.