You should have received an email with your login credentials. You're able to login here.


Login to your dashboard and fill out all the empty text fields under Vendors -> Vendors-> Your Store. If you add your own Policy under the "Terms & Conditions" tab, please also add your policy through the path Layout -> Vendor Store-> Shop Policies. Leave both tabs "Terms & Conditions" empty if you want to rely on the Urbankissed's ones. PLEASE NOTE: If you add your own terms, you are obligated to write that we'll only provide a shop gift certificate of the whole Urbankissed store and no refund in cash (read below how refunds work)! We also recommend you to refer to the process written on our default return policy so that customers know how to make a return request.


Stripe allows any business/individual to instantly, securely and cost-effectively send and receive payments online. Doing an account takes only a few minutes. However, Stripe only accepts bank accounts from some countries (check here). If you are from a country Stripe does not accept yet, please ignore the below step and provide us your Paypal address by email.

  • Set up and connect with Stripe: Vendor Dashboard -> Vendors -> Vendors -> Your Store -> General tab -> Hit the blue Stripe button. Fill out all the mandatory empty fields. If you're not a company, please select "Individual/Sole Trader" as the type of business! (Please disregard the PayPal section for now.)
  • More about Stripe: After connecting with Stripe, payments made by customers with their credit cards are transferred directly from them to your connected Stripe account and then pay out to your registered bank account. Please familiarise yourself with the Stripe fees.


If your tax authority requires you to charge taxes, please check on your dashboard (Administration -> Shipping & Taxes -> Taxes -> tax groups) if there is already an applicable tax rule set up. If there is no applicable tax rule, let us know the tax rates you need to charge for which countries/states and if the tax rates depends on the vendor's or the customer's location. We'll then set up a new tax group within one day.

How to add a tax group to a product and/or on shipping rates?

  • When you are about uploading new products, you can add a tax group to each individual product (see below "Uploading A Product").
  • In some regions, you need to charge taxes on shipping. In most cases you can add a tax group to each shipping method you set up by your own. Go to your dashboard (Administration -> Shipping & Taxes -> Shipping Method). When clicking on one of your shipping methods, stay on the tab General and scroll down to the section "Extra". There you can add a tax group. If you are not able to add any tax group, please contact us and we'll add it within one day.


On your dashboard (Administration -> Shipping & Taxes -> Shipping) you need at least one shipping method activated in order that customers can buy your products!

How to add a new shipping method?

Click on the plus sign, add name (e.g. Domestic Shipping) and decide if you want to manually add costs or rely on one of our real time shipping methods.

  • Manual -> Before you continue, hit the blue button "create" and the tab "Shipping Charges" will appear. On this new tab, add shipping costs to each country you want to ship to. As soon as you add costs to one of the sub-country-tab, you will see a (+) sign on the tab next to the country's name. This means this particular country has been activated.
    • We recommend you to create one shipping method called "Domestic Shipping" and another one labeled as "International Shipping". For the "Domestic Shipping" only activate your home country and for the "International Shipping" activated all the other countries but not your home country.
    • You can also have a simple flat rate for national and another flat rate for international shippings within the same shipping method. Label the shipping method as "Flat Rate National / Flat Rate International" and follow the step above to active the sub-country-tabs.
    • We recommend to make costs dependent on weight.
  • Real Time -> Please let us know which real time shipping method you want to activate. We will set it up for you within one day.

If you can already see one shipping method activated after your first login, it means that we think this may be a good shipping method for you. If one of the shipping methods is based on manual rate calculation (Select One Shipping Method -> General -> Information), we strongly suggest you to check if all costs suits for you. Please contact us when you would deactivate or modify one of these methods we activated for you.




Add products under Products -> Products -> hit the plus button. Add product name, category, price, description, upload images and define how many products you have in stock. (Always try to add a squared image as the cover of the product in order to appear coherent with all other products.) Then hit the blue button "create".


If you're obligated to collect VAT, then you can add your tax rule (see above under Checklist how to set up a tax rule) under the General tab in the section "Pricing/Inventory" when adding/editing a product.


After you hit the blue button "create", further tabs appear. Following tabs are the most relevant:

  • OPTION -> If you upload a product which has several colours/sizes... you need to add options in order your customer can choose from. On the tab "Option" hit the button "Add option" or "Add global option". If most of your products have the same product option, we suggest you to use Global Options. You can define a global option under Vendor Dashboard -> Products -> Options. You will need to create this product option only once, and then you will be able to add it to any product quickly, without the necessity to add option variants to each product one by one. After applied an option to the product, click on "option combination". To automatically create all possible option combinations for the product, click the gear button and choose Rebuild combinations. If you need to track the inventory per product option, you need to go back to the tab "General", scrolling down to "Inventory" and select from the dropdown "Track with Options". Please note, that this selection from the dropdown is only available after you created option combinations. You'll then be able to add inventory on the tab where you generated all the different options (Rebuild combinations).

  • SHIPPING PROPERTIES -> It is very important to add the weight of your product, otherwise the shipping cost won't be calculated correctly!
  • FEATURES -> In order that customers can easily find your products on the shop page, you should select the appropriate features for all the filters.
  • Add-On -> Here you can set, if your product is returnable or not. It must be coherent with your shop policy.




You need to keep the vendor up to date. To do so, please go to the Orders -> View Orders page which allows you to assign a different status to the order.

  • Processed—the payment was received.
  • Shipped--the products have been shipped - before setting this status, please add the tracking number (see below how to do it).
  • Complete—all work on the order was completed - when not set as completed, the customer won't be able to do a return request.
  • Canceled--the order was canceled by the customer - follow the steps below in order to refund or to issue a gift certificate.
  • Open—the order was placed and created in the store database, but it hasn’t been processed yet.
  • Failed—the payment transaction failed.
  • Declined—the order was canceled by the store administrator.
  • Backordered—the order hasn’t been processed yet, as it contains out-of-stock items.


Go to Orders → View orders and click on the ID of the required order. Select a carrier and/or enter a tracking number and change the status to Shipped. Your changes will automatically be saved and the customer will receive the tracking number.


If a vendor paid with a gift certificate, the money from this certificate are not instantly distributed among vendors. In this case, we'll inform you and ask you to provide us your Paypal address or bank details. You'll then get the money within 2 days.


  • Only read the steps below if you connected to STRIPE. If you provided us your PAYPAL email address, you will receive your money on Paypal.
  • Remember:
    • Our vendor's commission is calculated as the percentage of the SUB TOTAL (without shipping). Taxes are included in sub total.
    • Stripe fees are calculated as the percentage of the TOTAL (shipping & taxes included).
  • On your Stripe Dashboard the first thing you will see after your login is the gross amount – this price which the customer payed you in total. When you go to Payments and click on the appropriate payment you will see a more accurate overview, which tells you how much has been deducted from Urbankissed and Stripe (please familiarise yourself with the Stripe Fees).
  • If you don't see any payment, the customer may have paid with a gift certificate (please read "Gift Certificate" in the same chapter). Otherwise, please contact us.
  • When you change to the tab "Balance" you will see your net amount, which will be transferred to your private bank account depending on when you scheduled it.
  • Please also note, that the Income stated on your Vendor Dashboard on Urbankissed is the net income without the Stripe fees.





If a customer wants to return its item(s), you will get an automatic email. Please follow these steps:

  • If you accept returns, please advise us if the customer can return all item(s). Also let us know the address which the customer should ship the products back to. We'll then inform the vendor about this.
  • As soon as you received the item(s) please check them and let us know if we can arrange a refund (ONLY in form of a gift certificate) or not. Please inform us about the amount we should refund (e.g. without shipping and taxes)! As soon as gift certificate has been issued, you and the customer will be notified.
  • You'll then receive a further email with our Paypal or Bank Details in order to manually send us back the money.
  • If the returned product(s) aren't in these conditions as agreed or if you don't accept returns please get in touch with the customer to find a solution. You can always text us later how much we should refund to the customer.