Le Visage - Embroidered White TShirt

Ethical Standards, Offsetting Carbon Emission, Sustainable & Natural Materials, Zero Waste & Made on Request, Mahi Chic, United Kingdom
10 business days

Black embroidered minimal one line face design onto a beige T-shirt for a loose fit. Model wears size Small. Every product in Mahi's boutique is hand embroidered, carefully and with love- to provide you a high-quality and unique design that does not fade or stain. As I hand embroider everything myself, please allow me 1 to 2 working days to prepare your T-shirt.

Material: 100% organic ring-spun cotton

Slow & Ethical Index:
  • Ethical Standards
  • Offsetting Carbon Emission
  • Sustainable & Natural Materials
  • Zero Waste & Made on Request
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  • Mahi Chic
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  • United Kingdom
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London, United Kingdom

Shop Owner: Meshi Einbinder

On Urbankissed since: 2019

Inspired by Nefertiti, the most beautiful and powerful Egyptian Queen, and the Hellenic aesthetic, Nefertiti Workshop products are the blend of ancient elegance and ethereal beauty. The company was founded in July 2015 by Katerina Skounti with the aim of revealing every woman’s beauty - inside and out.

At MAHI we aim to make beautiful Handmade pieces that can be added to your wardrobe and worn forever. We use only high-quality sustainable/recycled fabrics for all of our products. All of our designs inspired by the minimalistic aesthetic. We want you to treasure each piece as much as the memories you make wearing it. Everything used to run our company, from paper to packaging is made from 100% sustainable materials. Join MAHI and support the slow fashion movement!

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