Teiruma Collection

San Jacinto, Colombia

Shop Owner: Jessica Strelec

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Teiruma Collection

Teiruma stands out by offering a unique stylish and premium take on the traditional Wayuu Handbags, supporting the Wayuu craftswomen of San Jacinto.

Jessica Strelec has always had a passion for colors, textures, art and design; 10 years ago she began her journey to learn more about quality handbags, the Wayuu´s culture and fashion. With the first few handbags bought from a Wayuu artisan; she got into her head that with the help of the Wayuu craftswomen they could achieve new designs and combinations; a proposal where leather and handbag are mixed together to create a Premium products.

During all these years of hard labor, Teiruma has managed to create a family with the groups of Wayuu artisans and craftswomen they work with. We respect and support the villages (Rancherias) by paying them a fair price for their work. However, knowing their infinite needs, has led Teiruma to create the Fundación Corazón de Papel (Paper Heart Foundation). The Foundation has managed to donate solar panels to the Rancherias so they can have energy in their homes for the first time; they can now work under the light. The foundation and her children are the engine that drives Jessica every day to work with more passion and to bright a stylish premium look.



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