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The sustainable criteria form our Slow & Ethical Index and helps Urbankissed to be consistent and transparent in selecting the fashion we showcase. Look for these standards on our products to make your own value judgement and to shop your values. Become immersed in the new economy of change!

Empowering Artisans & Makers

Brands collaborate and involve themselves in companies, organisations, and initiatives that empower, educate, and support artisans and local communities often from developing countries. Thus, you support communities, age-old techniques, one-of-a-kind pieces in a world of homogenized mass production, the global trade, local economies and labels which possess the ability to adapt quickly to changing economic climates.

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Plastic Free

It's no secret that too many of the plastic products we use end up in the ocean. One major source of that pollution are our clothes. Just washing them can pollute the oceans. And these tiny fibers can eventually reach the ocean. There, they’re adding to the microplastic pollution that’s accumulating in the food chain and being ingested by all sorts of marine wildlife, and even us. Also plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills.

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Ethical Standards

Labels work with accredited ethical garment factories that are legally bound to provide respect, fair hours, wages, healthcare, family support, and a genuine interest in their employees. Labels ensure that their profit does not come at the cost of those who make their garments.

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Sustainable & Natural Materials

Labels mindfully sourced, organic and/or cruelty-free materials, natural inks, and textiles that have not contributed to toxic soils, genetically modified crops, river pollution, and high carbon emissions.

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Zero Waste & Made on Request

Labels only make items to order or hand make each item, promoting slow fashion, high garment care, the longevity of garments, and minimal waste due to changing trends. Labels seek offcuts, and upcycled materials helping to prevent landfill build up.

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Environmental Standards

Labels actively seek to reduce waste and their carbon footprint. They use recycled products and packaging, upcycled materials, biodegradable bags, smart washing practices, and cleaner shipping companies. They support environmental initiatives.

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Charity Support

Many labels on our site (incl. us) give back. We believe it's our moral imperative to redirect portions of our profit towards our earth, oceans & community.

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Ethnicity & Body Diversity

Purpose driven fashion brands promoting positive cultural multiplicity and body diversity drives appreciation of other humanities.

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Our Mission

Urbankissed GmbH (LLC) as a slow and ethical fashion marketplace is a conscious business, and we are proud to operate with a social and environmental impact focus. Sustainability, ethics, reducing our footprint and carbon emission and empowering small unique labels from around the world are at the forefront of our intentions in running a sustainable, conscious business.

We aim to be as transparent as possible, therefore, listed above is our slow & ethical index, enabling you to shop easily your values! The vendors featured on our site, fulfill at least one of these sustainable practises in their business, many fulfill multiple.

Even if conscious consumption is part of our core values, we don't want people loosing joy towards unique consumption. That's why we're not only offsetting 100% your carbon emission from shipping for free but strongly pushing the idea that "the journey is the destination". It's incredible hard to be absolutely perfect in business today. For example, even if most of our labels are somehow trying to reduce their footprint, some are primarily focusing on supporting artisans from developing countries. Thus, you support communities, the global trade, local economies and labels which possess the ability to adapt quickly to changing economic climates.

CO2 Neutral Delivery!

As we care deeply about creating a business that gives back to nature but still do not want to remove the joy of consuming conscious products, we offset your whole CO2 emission from delivery. This initiative comes at no additional cost to buyers or sellers. It simply comes with the satisfaction of knowing that shopping on Urbankissed means making a positive impact on the planet. Read more here about our global leading partner Tree Nation which collaborates with Google or Nivea to take the right environmental actions. Tree Nation made it even possible to compensate 100% our website’s CO2 emissions.

Okay, so to be more specific: For any sale on Urbankissed, we plant one tree within our small but growing company forest located in Madagascar. The species we decided to plant is called Rhizophora Mucronata (found on coasts and river banks in East Africa and the Indo-Pacific region).

Amount of CO2 Compensation per Tree

One tree of the specific species we plant offsets 1kg CO2 annually and around 20kg CO2 throughout its lifetime (average natural life span: 25 years). For a 0.5kg parcel, our tree will compensate a route from Lisbon to Berlin by air within one year. However, throughout the tree’s lifespan, our tree will compensate for the same package 20 times this route. This initiative as well as our two other campaigns ("plant a tree for free" & "@tag a friend to plant a tree") where we plant even more trees enable us to compensate CO2 emissions faster and to be CO2 negative!

*Calculations based on data from CarbonFund.org - leading the fight against climate change
**For efficiency reasons, Urbankissed plants collectively all trees coming from this initiative and the other campaigns at the end of every month.

Plant A Tree For Free

Hey, we're super happy that you made it to this section. Did you know that apart from offering a 100% Neutral CO2 Delivery Urbankissed plants a tree for free for every newsletter subscriber? As we care deeply about creating a business that gives back to nature, let's grow our small but growing company forest in Madagascar together with our partner Tree Nation (global leading partner in voluntary quality compensation measures collaborating with Google or Nivea). Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact. Your tree within our forest will, for example, overall compensate more than 20 deliveries by air from Lisbon to Berlin! Read more information here.

Plant Now

Do you want to plant a tree for free? Just drop your e-mail and name in the form and we’ll plant a tree within our company forest. Again, thanks for supporting me & my Urbankissed team! Just follow us on Instagram @urbankissed to keep track on our small but growing company forest in Madagascar.