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The sustainable criteria along the supply chain form our Slow & Ethical Index and helps us to be consistent and transparent in selecting the fashion we showcase. Look for these standards on our products to make your own value judgement and to shop your values. Become immersed in the new economy of change!


Guaranteeing socially responsible harvesting, sourcing and production of your product's raw material(s), this value keeps all humans' and animals’ dignity intact at the very beginning of our brands' supply chain.

Transparency note: Less than half of our products are labeled with this value. Why? This because most of our brands and their chosen manufacturers are small businesses and thus, are unable to afford certifications, proving that all of their raw materials and fibers used for the final fabric have been sourced mindfully. Read the product descriptions to find out which raw materials have been sourced mindfully or get in touch with us if you wish to find out more details.

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Undoubtedly our most important value, our brands ensure that their profit does not come at the cost of those who sew and make your garments. Against cheap, fast fashion and damaging fashion consumption patterns, they support the sustainable livelihoods of the people who make your wonderful items. Working with accredited garment factories, that are legally bound to provide fair hours and wages, healthcare, family support, and have a genuine interest in their employees and their wellbeings, our brands ensure that your piece has been creating with a lot of love, chats and laughter. Ethical manufacturing is definitely at the core of the ethical fashion movement and of our mission.

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Brands collaborate with organizations and initiatives that empower artisans and their local communities. With many skilled craftspeople using age-old traditional techniques, passed down for generations, from hand-blocked painting to weaving, these unique pieces tell a story from the artisan’s homeland. In a world full of homogenized mass production and labels that possess the ability to adapt quickly to changing economic climates, these pieces truly embody the meaning of tradition. While we recognize that artisans are found in every country, this value focuses specifically on empowering marginalized communities in developing countries and their traditional crafts.

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Some fabrics have been around since the beginning of time for good reasons. Allowing our bodies to breathe and regulate body temperatures, natural fabrics are best for our skin as well as typically consume fewer chemicals during processing and release no microplastics to biodegrade. Read the product descriptions to find out whether your product is made by pure natural materials or if some are blends or have been processed to become a fabric.

Transparency note: Though the fabrics are plant and animal-based, not all natural materials are created equally. Large-scale, inorganic agriculture leads to soil degradation, erosion and deforestation, and the manufacturing processes may be quite water-intensive. Use our ‘Certificate’ filter and other values to ensure the highest standards.

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Every product labeled with this value contains eco-friendlier alternatives to their conventional fabric. Ranging from initiatives such as less water and energy usage, re-usage of toxic chemicals or natural dyes that preserve our soils’ diversity and keep our waterways unpolluted, textiles manufactured using low CO2 emissions, to rubber plantations that encourage reforestation, these pieces do not cost us our Earth.

Transparency note: These fabrics are not the most sustainable ones available on the market, but they are far superior to any conventional material fast-fashion brands use.

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Yep, this is the value we are the most excited about! Cutting-edge technologies are delivering more sustainably-sourced products on the market, for example, our 3D printed earrings, outerwear made out of marble powder or bags made out of apple leather. New and efficient technologies allow us to explore ways and design in a manner that aids us in reducing waste and water usage on top of enhancing functionality as much as possible.

Transparency note: Lots of energy has been invested in R&D but the processes may still be energy-intensive. Follow us on social media and sign up on our newsletter to stay up to date on the evaluation of such innovative materials.

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Similar to our Technological Innovation value, the products under this value have an emphasized focus on the materials used to create your product. Made e.g. from organic cotton, lots of R&D has been invested into creating these materials. What makes them the more sustainable and environmentally-friendly option is their extremely minimal proven impact on the environment and on the people involved across the supply chain.

Transparency note: While 100% sustainability may not be possible to attain for every single product, these brands have made a conscious effort and commitment, investing and researching more sustainable alternatives.

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These brands handmake your product to order, tailored perfectly to your measurements and creating pieces you will truly love and cherish forever. No overproduced pieces pilling up in landfills waiting to be incinerated as well as fewer returns and feeling unsatisfied with your purchases, these items definitely contribute to climate change. We love this value as it makes your item truly unique and precious.

Transparency note: Read the product descriptions or browse through additional filters in order to learn more about the additional values our brands fulfill as unfortunately, just producing upon request is not enough these days.

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Made of recycled materials, these products have taken on another form. Rather than being made from new virgin materials, these items were plastic bottles, old fishing nets, or even precious metals from the inside of old computers in a previous life. Now they are stunning jewelry, comfy activewear and beautiful bikinis, mirroring the circular economy model. These pieces make our landfills smaller by extending their lifetime. 

Transparency note: Check the product description to find out if the product is fully fabricated from recycled materials or not. Don’t forget to use our Guppyfriend bag to wash your synthetic fibers in as recycled materials can still include microplastics. Also, some recycled processes may be more energy-intensive than others but if you prioritize to consume less, this is the value for you.

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Embracing the circular economy model are our brands that work in a closed-loop system, which is the key to sustainable production. These labels make a conscious effort to reduce material waste as much as possible for a healthy, happy planet. No waste is left on their cutting table - any excess pieces, such as offcuts are upcycled to make new pieces, to prevent landfill build up and pollution. Beauty bags, delicate lingerie or scrunchies made from excess materials are special favorites of ours. 

Transparency note: Read the product descriptions or browse through additional filters in order to learn more about the additional values our brand fulfill as just using off-cuts of conventional fabrics and materials is not enough these days.

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Plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills and almost every single piece of it still exists today (unless incinerated), so there is no doubt that lots of you (incl. us) follow a plastic-free lifestyle. Washing synthetic clothes adds to the microplastic pollution, accumulating in the food chain and being ingested by all sorts of marine wildlife, and even us humans. With 14.4m tonnes of microplastics at the bottom of our oceans, these pieces don’t contribute to the microplastic pollution problem one bit.

Transparency note: Being plastic-free definitely ensures less plastic out there, but be careful, this does not automatically mean that the item has a positive effect on the environment. Browse our values and certifications to find the piece that’s aligned with your values most.

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Fully-fledged vegans - this selection has been curated just for you. With veganism gaining traction across the globe, our clothes and accessories are no exception. Vegan fashion can be just as stylish and here’s our proof. Championing innovative vegan alternatives for leather, wool, and other animal products used widely, these brands keep up with your vegan lifestyle for the animals, the environment and your ethics. Use our ‘Certificate’ filter and select “PETA” to discover products that guarantee no animal testing.

Transparency note: A lot of vegan products are different forms of plastic and thus, do not fully biodegrade, may contain toxic chemicals and release microplastics while washing. Make sure to use our Guppyfriend bag to catch these microplastics while washing and dispose of them responsibly.    

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People come in all shapes, sizes, cultures and abilities. It is now time that the fashion industry adapts and celebrates this. Our purpose-driven and woke brands promote positive cultural multiplicity and body diversity, driving appreciation of one another by making their ranges inclusive to all. We launched this value recently, so stay tuned as we are adding more exciting woke brands very soon.

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Many labels on our site - including ourselves - give back to NGOs, charities or projects close to our hearts. Purchasing one of these pieces supports a greater cause, even further than sustainable fashion. Whether it supports conservation, community development projects or planting a tree per purchase, we believe that it is our moral imperative to redirect portions of our profit towards our earth, oceans & communities, because it is what they deserve. Keep your eyes peeled for the product descriptions to see which exact charities your favorite labels support!

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Rounding up our slow & ethical supply chain, these products are guaranteed to break down naturally, without leaving a trace on our Earth. Pure linen takes around two weeks and pure cotton can take up to five months to biodegrade in landfills, whereas synthetic fibers take around 200 years. Products blended with synthetic fibers or microplastics do not make the cut due to their inability and the impracticalities of extracting and separating the fibers - unless they can be readily separated.

Transparency note: Natural materials may have been washed and dyed with a variety of synthetic substances, releasing these synthetic substances into the soil unless the fabrics are Oeko-Tex or GOTS certified. This can be kind of a big deal if you’re growing vegetables in it. 

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Our Mission

Urbankissed GmbH (LLC) as a slow and ethical fashion marketplace is a conscious business, and we are proud to operate with a social and environmental impact focus. Sustainability, ethics, reducing our footprint and carbon emission and empowering small unique labels from around the world are at the forefront of our intentions in running a sustainable, conscious business.

We aim to be as transparent as possible. Therefore, we provide multiple filter possibilities, enabling you to shop easily your values across the supply chain as well as from mindful brands in your country and to make your own value judgment. The vendors featured on our site, fulfill at least one of these sustainable practices in their business, many fulfill multiple.

Even if conscious consumption is part of our core values, we don't want people losing joy towards unique consumption. That's why we're not only offsetting 100% your carbon emission from shipping for free but strongly pushing the idea that "the journey is the destination". It's incredibly hard to be absolutely perfect in business today. For example, even if most of our labels are somehow trying to reduce their footprint, some are primarily focusing on supporting artisans from developing countries. Thus, you support communities, global trade, local economies and labels which possess the ability to adapt quickly to changing economic climates.

CO2 Neutral Delivery!

As we care deeply about creating a business that gives back to nature but still do not want to remove the joy of consuming conscious products, we offset your whole CO2 emission from delivery. This initiative comes at no additional cost to buyers or sellers. It simply comes with the satisfaction of knowing that shopping on Urbankissed means making a positive impact on the planet. Read more here about our global leading partner Tree Nation which collaborates with Google or Nivea to take the right environmental actions. Tree Nation made it even possible to compensate 100% our website’s CO2 emissions.

Okay, so to be more specific: For any sale on Urbankissed, we plant one tree within our small but growing company forest located in Madagascar. The species we decided to plant is called Rhizophora Mucronata (found on coasts and river banks in East Africa and the Indo-Pacific region).

Amount of CO2 Compensation per Tree

One tree of the specific species we plant offsets 1kg CO2 annually and around 20kg CO2 throughout its lifetime (average natural life span: 25 years). For a 0.5kg parcel, our tree will compensate a route from Lisbon to Berlin by air within one year. However, throughout the tree’s lifespan, our tree will compensate for the same package 20 times this route. This initiative as well as our two other campaigns ("plant a tree for free" & "@tag a friend to plant a tree") where we plant even more trees enable us to compensate CO2 emissions faster and to be CO2 negative!

*Calculations based on data from CarbonFund.org - leading the fight against climate change
**For efficiency reasons, Urbankissed plants collectively all trees coming from this initiative and the other campaigns at the end of every month.

Plant A Tree For Free

Hey, we're super happy that you made it to this section. Did you know that apart from offering a 100% Neutral CO2 Delivery Urbankissed plants a tree for free for every newsletter subscriber? As we care deeply about creating a business that gives back to nature, let's grow our small but growing company forest in Madagascar together with our partner Tree Nation (global leading partner in voluntary quality compensation measures collaborating with Google or Nivea). Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact. Your tree within our forest will, for example, overall compensate more than 20 deliveries by air from Lisbon to Berlin! Read more information here.

Plant Now

Do you want to plant a tree for free? Just drop your e-mail and name in the form and we’ll plant a tree within our company forest. Again, thanks for supporting me & my Urbankissed team! Just follow us on Instagram @urbankissed to keep track on our small but growing company forest in Madagascar.