Offsetting Carbon Emission, Aysa Shoes, Australia
10 days
  • Crafted in a Faux Suede fabric
  • Pointed toe, closed-in loafer
  • Wooden 'mini' heel
  • Cushioned upper sole
  • Soft rubber lower sole


36= Aus 5

37= Aus 6

38= Aus 7

39= Aus 8

40= Aus 9

41= Aus 10
Slow & Ethical Index:
  • Offsetting Carbon Emission
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  • Aysa Shoes
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  • Australia
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€50 to €100
After 2 years of trial and research, Aysa Shoes is proudly crafted from all cruelty free man-made materials and manufactured in strictly ethical workmanship conditions. Our message is to encourage our buyers to shop mindfully and create an understanding that by shopping humanely does not mean compromising high-end style or quality.

As of March 2019 AYSA also proudly donates to the Humane Society International each month. The Humane Society International is a wonderful organisation and is the largest / most effective international charity working for a more humane and sustainable world for animals. They are leaders in saving endangered species(& their habitats) and reducing cruelty in farming, trade and other industries.

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