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Our Raw Silk Kimono transforms the traditional Japanese Kimono into a transcendent statement piece for all occurrences. Long-lasting raw silk, from the main body to the FARA fringe at the hem, provide an unheard of wow factor whilst still maintaining the minimal charm of this wardrobe classic.

Archetypal elements such as the underarm cut and billowing sleeves feature, but with a nod to the new in an inverted V hemline at the rear which reaches to the mid-thigh, and a blossoming upper which hangs over the waist tie bringing a flowing charm.

An ideal beach cover up and perfectly matched with our Fringe Shorts or a shoulder warmer over a traditional slip dress or a festival fancy. Whatever it is paired with, it is sure to turn heads.

Our Model is a UK size 8 and 171cm tall

We recommend a UK 8-12, US 4-8 and EU 36-40

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Fara Boutique

Designing clothes for the nomad at heart; FARA chooses handcrafted fabrics and a conscious cut. Made for floating along a sun setting beach, dancing like nobody's watching or venturing far and wide. Rachel and Fumie met in Goa and over many cups of masala chai discovered how much their stories and inspirations reflected each other. Sharing tales of London fashion institutes, global wanderlust and motorbiking around India; soon they shared new visions – being nomadic mamas bringing up their children in India and creating a new conscious clothing label.

Their fluid designs were born out of their daydreaming of far-flung places, flowing silks and Japanese watercolours. Their inspiration comes from the beautiful natural fabrics that have been handcrafted in India for centuries – raw silk, hemp and traditional dying and weaving processes. Meeting the families of the artisan weavers in Varanasi and learning the trade that has been passed down for generations. Fara Boutique only works with sustainable and natural fabrics - silk and hemp are two of the most eco friendly materials in the fashion industry (both use no pesticides in cultivation, very little water, and are incredibly renewable).

Inspired by the future generation, Fumie and Rachel forged their company around sustainability and fair trade.

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