Medium Lucio Hoops in Pearl

Offsetting Carbon Emission, Ethical Standards, Okay Brand, USA
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Medium Lucio Hoops in Pearl

Super lightweight.

Each is fixed with hypoallergenic, stainless steel posts.

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  • Ethical Standards
  • Offsetting Carbon Emission
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Okay Brand

Okay Brand is a Los Angeles jewelry and small object design studio created by Oksana Bevz. The idea of the brand is to utilize new materials and manufacturing techniques to invent new design languages within the jewelry industry.

A Brief Intro Of Production Process:

It Is A 100% Eco-Friendly Product. Safe and no-allergic reaction to skin. Cotton as the raw material. After chemical processing becomes into powder. Then is dissolved in acetic acid with adding plasticizer and dye. After filtering procedure and under the condition of high temperature and high pressure is made into block plate. Finally by drying processing free propanol is removed and cut into strips or slices of appropriate size. It is known as the plate. And then cut into the acetate frame namely cellulose acetate frame.

Okay Brand strives to make beautiful and affordable products. "We want to make products we are proud of and can easily produce for our friends, family and people around the world."

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