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Vendor FAQ

  • „How does drop shipping work?“
  • We work in the same way as Etsy/Ebay, meaning you ship directly to the customers - we don’t see the products. We provide you a platform where you can sell items from your collection through a microstore with your own terms, shipping regulation...

  • „Will I get an e-mail after an order has been done?“
  • Yes, we contact you through Instagram aswell.

  • „How does the payment process work?“
  • As soon as the customer pays, the amount will automatically be split. Paypal will automatically transfer you the amount minus commission and we will automatically receive the commission. There is one exception: If a customer pays with a gift certificate or we provide on our expenses a discount to an influencer and its audience, we will asap but manually transfer you the difference to your Paypal account. All in all, you don’t have to do anything.

  • Is your store connected to Shopify or any other e-commerce provider?
  • If your main store is on Shopify, we can connect your store with your storefront here on Urbankissed. Connecting your Shopify store will synchronize your inventory automatically here on Urbankissed. Read below what you need to provide us in order to synchronize your store.

    If your're using another e-commerce tool than Shopify - don't worry -, we can still set up your store on Urbankissed. However, your inventory needs to be updated manually.

  • „How can I update the inventory?“
  • Just drop us an email or update it by yourself on your dashboard.

    If your main store is on Shopify, we can synchronize your inventory as mentioned above. For this, we need your Shopify API Key & Password. To get those Shopify credentials, you firstly require to login to your Shopify account. Click on “Apps” to create a new app. In Manage private apps, you will find the list of all your private apps created. After clicking on the app you will find the details of the app. Here you will find the credentials to authenticate to CS-Cart store. Set the Admin API Permission to “Read and write”.

  • „Do I need to sign any contract?“
  • No, you automatically agree with our terms. Please let us know if you have any concerns.

  • „Do you deduct 12% commission also on shipping fees?“
  • No, of course not! They only apply on the product price.

  • „I don‘t ship worldwide.“
  • That‘s fine. We can activate just the countries you want.

  • „We only keep low stock or produce on demand. So once an order has been placed, we may need one to two weeks to create a product.“
  • That‘s absolutely fine, we can add this into your terms.

  • „Can I delete my micro store anytime?“
  • Yes, of course!

  • "How do returns work if I accept returns?"
  • Please read here our return process. We will forward the return request to you. As soon as you received the item(s) please check them and let us know if we can arrange a refund (ONLY in form of a gift certificate) or not. You'll then receive a further email with our Paypal or Bank Details in order to manually send us back the money.

  • "Can I modify my store?"
  • Yes, it's like Ebay or Etsy - you have your own dashboard. However, you can also drop us an e-mail with the according modification you'd like to do and we'll do it for you.

  • "Can I add my own return policy and shipping regulation/rates?“
  • Yes we can add your own return policy and shipping fees. However, it is your responsibilty to send us your policy, otherwise you will automatically rely on our default terms which are here .

  • "Can we use our own packaging?"
  • Yes, of course! At the moment, we don't ask our vendors to use our packaging.

  • How does it work with taxes?
  • You can tell us your tax regulation and we will install that for you - simple as that.

  • What are the next steps?
  • In order to prepare your microstore, you‘d only provide us your shipping regulation, your E-Mail address of your Paypal account and the Paypal’s account holder’s first and last name. Don't hesitate to send us your lookbook.

  • What is your target market?
  • Our customers vary from Gen Z to Boomers and are mainly located in Europe. Please read more info within our media kit which you can download below.

  • What is your marketing strategy?
  • The whole marketing is FOR FREE at the moment as we compensate that through the 12% commission on the product price (excluding shipping costs) per sale. We are using different communication tools in order to push our vendors’ products. We make sure to point out each vendor’s values and mission.

    Our marketing strategy is centered around building brand awareness around our labels mainly through cross media, personalized, funny and well-established sales funnel (customer journey) & a fresh experience! These are our current communication tools:
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Creating eye-catching branded content to reshare – e.g. videos
    • Sponsored advertising on social media
    • Established E-Mail marketing
    • Plant A Tree Campaigns To Offset 100% CO2 From Delivery :
      • “Tag A Friend To Plant A Tree” Serie
      • Plant A Tree For Free By Subscribing to our Newsletter
    • Comment #Urbankissed To Get A Gift Campaign
    • Product Placement (Affiliate Marketing):
      • Slow Fashion Influencers
      • Various Affiliate Platforms With A Sustainable Outlook
    • Direct Marketing
    • Google Ads
    • Blog "Tips & News"
    • Newsletters;

  • Do you help us with setting up our account and to manage our account?
  • Yes, of course! We can even do everything for you. We will also send you a manual to understand your dashboard.

  • We need to receive an invoice including the commission, shipping, tax for our accounting. Can you send us such an invoice after each sale?
  • Yes, of course! Just let us know that you wish to receive such an invoice for your accounting. Feel free to also send us a draft.

  • Can I set different shipping fees per country?
  • Yes, you can set different rates per country. You can also deactivate some countries. You can also make your shipping fees dependent on weight, price etc. but we can help you with that.

  • Do you have any size chart?
  • No, as all labels have different ones. Just send us yours and we will upload it to your microstore.

  • How much is your commission?
  • Our current commission is 12% per sale on product prices only. So there are no periodical fees! This 12% commission includes server costs, the time to uphold your account on Urbankissed and to manage all our marketing activities. Especially when sales are done via one of our affiliate programs, we as Urbankissed don’t earn 12% as a part of our 12% commission will go to the influencer. We also started to offer samples on our expenses to a few micro influencers to push the affiliate program. We also have to deal with the risk that our audience jumps to your website and orders through your website.

  • Do we need to pay for your marketing activities?
  • No, at the moment we don’t charge anything. Also all paid collaborations and discounts we provide to influencers and their audiences are on OUR expenses! Nice, right?

  • Can we also upload just a few pieces to see how it works first?
  • Yes, sure! That's what we suggest.



Any further questions or concerns?

Just drop us an email or contact us through Instagram.