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Nachhaltige Brands aus Deutschland

Entdecke nachhaltige, regionale und ethische Brands aus Deutschland und kaufe diese coole faire Mode direkt hier auf Deinem "slow" & ethischen Onlineshop ein. Diese innovativen deutschen Modemarken verändern die Branche in so vielen erstaunlichen Hinsichten. Sie verwandeln Meeresabfälle in schöne Bikinis um, produzieren fair und nachhaltig in Portugal oder Mexiko, verwenden organische und umweltfreundliche Materialien und schaffen Arbeitsplätze vor Ort oder in Entwicklungsländern um wunderbare nachhaltige Kleider zu kreieren. Hier sind die Top 14 deutschen Marken für nachhaltige Mode, die Du kennen musst, ob Du in Deutschland lebst oder nicht!

Entdecke weitere nachhaltige Labels und Fair Fashion wie zum Beispiel aus SchweizFrankreich, Italien und Spanien.


Narah Soleigh is a German swimwear brand offering modern bohemian-inspired sustainable swimwear, that is made from ECONYL®, a yarn made of abandoned fishing nets & plastic from landfills and oceans. The yarn is woven into premium swimwear fabric in Italy. Production takes place in a small socially responsible factory in northern Portugal. Narah Soleigh also donates 10% of their profits to Rainforesttrust, protecting threatened tropical forests and endangered wildlife.


Ethically handcrafted sustainable woven leather huarache sandals, loafers, slides, jewelry and homeware that blend Mexican tradition with modern fashion while making a social impact. Their leather is a locally sourced by-product produced by nearby wide open ranches in Michoacán. The leather is tanned using the traditional 200 year old vegetable tanning method, which doesn’t use any toxic or harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or chrome.


A German slow fashion brand full of Australian and LA vibes dedicated to minimalism design and pastel shades, never at the expense of cool girl ease. Simple basics with a soft and organic feel. With carefully selected materials they pay homage to natural and minimalist beauty. Ethically made. All pieces that make you feel beautiful from within. Supreme in quality and produced in limited quantities. Priced without retail margins. Designed in Germany. Made in Portugal, near Porto.


This brand's mission is to create high quality, long lasting, vegan and sustainable pieces that empower the people making them too. When it comes to designing Woman of Vegan products, the natural world is their biggest inspiration. They make highly comfortable, fluid and ecological pieces that allow your body to move freely in order for you to feel closer to nature. Yep, this brand is the biggest nature and animal lover out there.


Oceanchild is a German sustainable swimwear brand. The love for kitesurfing has allowed the founder of Oceanchild to travel all around the world. Seeing the enormous impact plastic has to all of these beautiful places, inspired her to design swimwear, using only recycled materials. By re-using what’s already there, she wanted to create a brand that is not only functional, but also ethical and sustainable.


The idea of finding a sustainable and lasting alternative to the enormous consumption of plastic shopping bags was the starting point of our journey in 2017. The raw material is flax. This frugal plant grows in the western regions of Europe and the amount of rainwater is enough for it to develop. We source our linen yarn exclusively from ecologically oriented and certified manufacturers in France/Normandy. Nudo produces 100% locally, in a family run business right in the heart of Germany.


Created in Berlin, AYANI's design mission is to provide you with a "5 minute work wear fix". In the design process we carefully think about what a modern woman needs: effortless yet stylish pieces which give women comfort and confidence throughout the day and are made in a conscious as well as sustainable way.


Designed by another life - Indigenous spirituality gives our fashion a new spirit. You won’t find any industrial machinery here. For us, our knitters are artists. We consider each of our designs to be a work of art that is shaped by the lives, traditions and spirituality of our partners. We produce 100% in the country of origin. As we are guided by traditional production methods of indigenous people, all our pieces are carefully handmade.


Honest Basics launched in 2018 and is a GOTS-certified basics brand based in Germany. They're on a mission to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone, by keeping their prices low, making quality basics that everyone has in their wardrobe and by constantly improving the sustainability of their products and their supply chain.


Since founding the jewelry label LLR Studios in Hamburg in 2018, sisters Lena and Luisa Rotetzki’s unique sense of style has manifested itself in luxurious, soulful handcrafted designs that all follow a single set of goals: to become timeless contemporary favorites, to spotlight the uniqueness of their wearers and to possess the capacity to shine with understated grandeur.


The knitted scarves are knitted in Europe out of Italian wool. They are destined to add stylish urban flair to every jacket, blazer and coat and have been created to become one of the most-worn pieces in the wardrobe of every modern man and woman during the colder seasons of the year.


somskat is a Slow Fashion Label uniting conscious consumption and minimal aesthetics. Our pieces can be combined in versatile styles and are the base for your sustainable capsule wardrobe. A focused wardrobe for a focused mind.


Mocha, a German slow fashion brand, is rooted in the idea of bringing awareness and sharing their journey of vintage, slow and sustainable fashion. They aim to slowly and carefully create their collections that are timeless, rather than comforting to the fast multi-seasonal releases to not overproduce.