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Conscious Online Destination to sell & Buy

www.urbankissed.com is a slow & ethical marketplace stocking over 50 innovative sustainable brands primarily located in Europe and Asia. This platform was founded by the Swiss Millennial Sophie Brunner in 2017 as a conscious as well as carefully curated online destination to buy and sell on an aesthetically highly pleasing and expressive retail environment. It is a concept fully related to a sophistically engaging, inspiring, passively educative, youthful, fresh and fun storytelling, attracting “you & me” through distinctively emotional stimuli. Operating with a social impact focus, this destination also fully compensates the CO2 emission from delivery as well as allows consumers to shop according to their values and to make their own value judgments through Urbankissed's own well trusted Slow & Ethical Index. The featured brands fulfill at least one of the practices within this index, many fulfill multiple. Urbankissed's most successful and shared campaigns so far include it’s «Plant A Tree For Free» newsletter subscription and “@Tag A Friend To Plant A Tree" post series.

Inviting “you & me” to join the slow living and start-up community, this marketplace is an elegant solution to a strongly growing demand and provides the right balance between conscious yet joyful consumption. Urbankissed has quickly become a reference in the online eco-community as being a go-to destination for a highly curated, large, unique, trendy but affordable sustainable product offering.

The Founder & Creative Director

Living in Switzerland, Sophie is a Swiss millennial who established her start-up www.urbankissed.com during her studies in Fashion Business (Bachelor of Arts - Hons) in Milan and London back in 2017. Sophie got very passionate about sustainable and ethical fashion when she realized how bad the fashion industry had become as well as when she couldn’t find any platform mixing conscious fashion products with an exciting customer experience. Those were the triggers to launch the first aesthetically highly pleasing and expressive retail environment, fully related to sophistically engaging, inspiring, passively educative, youthful, fresh and fun storytelling, offering a highly curated, large, trendy but affordable sustainable brand mix.

As a former account manager and marketing coordinator at a Swiss bank as well as a recent fashion business undergraduate, Sophie has a strong commercial and creative outlook. Being silently ambitious and extremely passionate, Sophie has been managing everything on her own from the very beginning on and already generated a sales volume of five figures right after graduation (during a six-month period). Sophie has started to work full-time on her start-up right after her graduation in summer 2020, pursuing now her mission to push small conscious brands on a platform with highest curation and customer experience.


The sustainable criteria form our Slow & Ethical Index and helps Urbankissed to be consistent and transparent in selecting the fashion we showcase. Look for these standards on our products to make your own value judgement and to shop your values. Become immersed in the new economy of change!

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Do you ethically create beautiful and sustainable products? Perfect, we cannot wait to check you out and start promoting your lovely label. We don't charge any periodical fees, just a small percentage of the sales we generated for you. Apply as a vendor today!

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Check out who is talking about us! Urbankissed has been seen on Virgin, Women's Health and got featured by many slow & ethical influencers such as Chloe Kian.

For any press enquiry, please contact us.

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Feel free to always contact us if you have questions about your order or products or tell us if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions. We’re listening!

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Press Kit

Download our mock-ups and logos here. For any further enquiries or if you need banners in different sizes or in printed versions, please contact us at contact@urbankissed.com - thank you.


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Media Kit

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Mock Ups, Banners, Posts & Images

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