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Great pieces, quick delivery from Moran and quick response to questions from the people behind Urbankissed.
I ordered a beautiful necklace from InspirationHer. I am so happy with it!
I've known about Urbankissed for a while now and, I've been sourcing their page for sustainable clothing to add to my collection. They carry curated pieces by different brands from all over the world that sell unique, ethically-made clothing, and they help support myclimate.org with each purchase. The founder Sophie Brunner is also very lovely!


The sustainable criteria form our Slow & Ethical Index and helps Urbankissed to be consistent and transparent in selecting the fashion we showcase and why. Look for these standards on our products and become immersed in the new economy of change.

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April 20, 2020 - Editor: Steph Ramesar

Your Eco-Friendly #QuarantInspo

While trying being safe & sane at home for at least 4 weeks now, we’ve got 7 new favorite (money saving & easy) sustainable ideas for you to do at home! So relax, mix yourself a #Quarantini & enjoy our eco-friendly #QuarantInspo! (Stay tuned for even more slow living suggestions!)

In The Know Blog Length | 5min

1. Fresh fruits & veggies from your local farmers

Have you ever seen a picture of a zero-waste grocery shop where all the colours of the fresh vegetables and fruits almost dazzled you? We bet you wished to buy there once! Well, believe us or not but your dream may be only 10 minutes away from your house. Due to the current lock-down, many farmers not only have adapted their opening hours and hygiene but also extended their offering within seasonal and regional fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and jam, providing you a truly zero-waste or minimalistic packaging dream. Yep, this will also save you money which normally goes into garbage bags! To give you the ultimate market vibe; don't forget to use a beautiful handmade basket up on @urbankissed - inspired by the slow food and fashion Swiss blogger @aniahimsa.

Price Range | $$
Photo Credits | @aniahimsa Instagram - Swiss Slow Food & Fashion Influencer

2. Make your own DIY soil fertiliser

Ok, one more DIY zero waste hack: Reuse an old jar, place banana peels inside of it, fill it with water, close the jar and leave it for up to 7 days. The peels will make the water potassium and phosphor rich, which will help strengthen the stems, help move water and nutrients between the cells and protect them from disease. You can use these on your potted houseplants once a week or for your veggie patch outside, just not on your herbs as banana peels might be high in substances that are harmful to humans once consumed.

Price Range | FREE
Photo Credits | @Eco.Mindset Instagram - Slow Food Influencer

3. Make your own cloth mask (for free)

Yep, there is a sudden severe mask shortage around the world. While you do not need one now, you may need one immediately next week so make sure to do a (chic) mask yourself for free in order to avoid putting yourselves at full risk. Go through your closet, find a scarf or cut out pieces of fabric from old clothes, two hair ties. Watch the Thrift Queen: Brittany Xavier’s short video on how to make one here. They’re easy to make and will match your outfit 100%. Don’t forget to wash it after using it and store them in a safe place. Check out Urbankissed’s gorgeous selection of scarves below.

Price Range | FREE
Photo Credits | @BrittanyXavier TikTok

4. Listen to some sustainable living focused podcasts

Podcasts are always fun to listen to. You can sit and relax while listening or you can be working out, cooking or walking our dogs. Below are three of our favourites. Trust us, they will immediately inspire you to start a more sustainable lifestyle!

  • Green Dreamer hosted by Kamea Chayne features leaders that are paving the way towards sustainability in a range of different ways.
  • Conscious Chatter, a podcast where ‘What we wear matters’ - their slogan says it all. Started in 2016, it’s got a new episode every week.
  • Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press - VOGUE’s sustainability editor Clare, interviews guests about fashion, culture, sustainability, ethics, activism and the environment and discusses their interrelations.

Price Range | FREE
Photo Credits | ConsciousChatter.com

5. Write cards to your loved ones

Social distancing has got us to be more creative with how we express our love so why not check out Vicki Di Studios’ eco friendly cards up on Urbankissed. Everything is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, using green electricity with the cutest messages and illustrations for all occasions. Sometimes snail mail is one of most thoughful ways to show that you care!

Price Range | $
Photo Credits | Our label Vicky Di Studio

6. Tag a friend on @urbankissed to plant trees for free

This is such a quick and easy action with a meaningful, tangible impact. Since physical stores are closed but some still need to get their shopping fix in, why not introduce those near and dear to the sustainable labels sold on Urbankissed by tagging your friend within this post and automatically planting a tree for free? This initiative increases exposure of these small sustainable businesses who can now solely depend on online sales during this pandemic and more trees are planted in Urbankissed’s, helping reach us CO2 neutral target.

Price Range | FREE
Photo Credits | @Urbankissed

7. Grow your own sprouts (or pick them during your next stroll)

Since our time outside is limited, why not bring the greenery such as sprouts inside! They are super delicious on toast, in sandwiches and salads, nutritious and have so many health benefits! However, they usually come packaged in plastic and can be quite expensive. Growing your own sprouts is very easy and inexpensive. There are a lot of choice in what kind of sprouts you want to grow, from Alfafa to Broccoli. Moreover, countless studies have shown that interacting with indoor greeneries can boost your mood, make your skin glow and improve your productivity! They will help purify the air, release moisture and even feel like a good plant parent.

Price Range | FREE
Photo Credits | @Wandering_Wild_Home Instagram

About the Editor

Stephie Ramesar

Stephie Ramesar is an Editor and Sustainability Advisor at Urbankissed since 2020. With an MSc Corporate Social Responsibility with Environmental Management, Steph is passionate about businesses playing a positive role in society, sustainable fashion and slow food - amongst other things. She is also Business Development Manager at digital agency, Icodium, working mostly with SMEs, NGOs and sustainable businesses, to empower and communicate their work, key messages and values to the world.


The sustainable criteria form our Slow & Ethical Index and helps Urbankissed to be consistent and transparent in selecting the fashion we showcase and why. Look for these standards on our products and become immersed in the new economy of change.

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