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Great pieces, quick delivery from Moran and quick response to questions from the people behind Urbankissed.
I ordered a beautiful necklace from InspirationHer. I am so happy with it!
I've known about Urbankissed for a while now and, I've been sourcing their page for sustainable clothing to add to my collection. They carry curated pieces by different brands from all over the world that sell unique, ethically-made clothing, and they help support myclimate.org with each purchase. The founder Sophie Brunner is also very lovely!


The sustainable criteria form our Slow & Ethical Index and helps Urbankissed to be consistent and transparent in selecting the fashion we showcase and why. Look for these standards on our products and become immersed in the new economy of change.

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April 01, 2020 - Editor: Sophie Brunner

The Best Places To Sell Your Used Clothing Online

As an absolute beginner in the secondhand market, I'm still blown away, how fast I sold my old pieces online recently and how much I earned to spend on something new!

In The Know Blog Length | 5min

by Sophie Brunner

Why you should start reselling your old clothes now

Not even 3 years ago, the resale segment lived in the shadow of the primary market, controlled by a fragmented network of independent brick-and-mortar shops. However, the second-hand market ranging from sneakers to used makeup (!) has increased 21 times quicker than the primary market over the past three years and is supposed to be 1.5 times bigger than fast fashion by 2028. This tremendous growth, driven by the “thriftiest” generations Gen Z and Millennials, is the reflection of a much bigger trend that goes far beyond this resale space.

Photo Source: Thred Up 2019 Resale Report

Photo Source: Thred Up 2019 Resale Report

Let me explain quickly: Resale satisfies the biggest demands of the so-called ‘Instagram generation’: although this generation doesn’t want to be seen wearing the same thing twice, they also want to be conscious consumers. Secondly, fast-fashion has led to undervalued items, overconsumption and fatigue as between 65% of woman’s closet goes unworn, resulting in an urgent need of getting rid of all the unworn pieces. Thirdly, the ability of the increasingly frugal but brand-loving customers to gain access to luxury items at affordable prices has rapidly boosted resale. Additionally, especially the rise of the secondary streetwear market has proved that particular fashion items are seen as tradable assets. Also working to the secondary market’s advantage is the fact that our mindset has changed to short-term ownership where experience is over asset. Finally, the rapid growth of solely fashion resale platforms offering convenient and easy-to-use tools as well as an boundary-less consumption network progressively popularized this trend where emotional connection between the community of personalities and entrepreneurs (sellers) showcasing the authentic voice of “culture curators” and buyers is less “transactional and functional” than on eBay.

Photo Source: Forbes.com "Depop CEO: Solving 3 Big Problems"

You may have noticed, the resale appetite is so formidable, it’s unlocking opportunities for the primary market aswell. The resale platforms segue into physical retail such as Collective Vestiaire and Depop in Selfridges as well as ThredUp in JC Penney and Macy’s. Furthermore, department stores such as Neiman Marcus and La Galerie Lafayette invest in drop-off locations in their physical stores and provide sellers vouchers to spend in their stores. The British marketplace Farfetch is perhaps one of the most active fashion players expanding to resale. Following the acquisition of sneaker reseller Stadium Goods in 2018, Farfetch launched a resale platform for designer bags in May. Zalando, the European fashion marketplace, launched a pop-up boutique in Berlin in 2019 to sell preloved goods bought from Zalando Wardrobe’s audience. Reformation has recently partnered up with ThredUp where upcycling is considered as "a sustainable loyalty program for retailers” as people can send used items to Thredup to earn shopping credit to Reformation. This isn't Reformation's single initiative in the secondary market. It has collaborated with Vestiaire Collective to sell upscale pieces and Depop to re-sell preloved goods, in addition to launching its dedicated vintage store in Los Angeles. WOW!

Photo Source: Thred Up 2019 Resale Report"


Depop is my favorite resale platform as not only did I sell each piece very quickly through it but it is incredibly easy to use! But Depop is more than an online resale platform; it’s a creative community marketplace and social app for buying, selling, and sharing fashion inspiration where indeed, many resale entrepreneur emerged. Depop only takes a 10 percent fee from completed sales. To start selling, simply download the app, and begin creating listings for your used apparel. Increase your chances of having your garments seen by engaging with buyers and sellers with a similar style.

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Thred Up

ThredUP is the world's largest online thrift store where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes and where you can find your favorite brands at up to 90% off. To sell, simply request a Clean Out bag and fill it with high-quality name-brand pieces. Once a team member goes through your shipped items, you'll receive an email with details on the payout you can expect and which items they accepted. On average, 40% of received items are accepted and sold online, while the rest are donated or responsibly recycled. Use the Payout Estimator to see how much your items are worth.

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Tradesy, which is the luxury fashion resale marketplace created by women for women, is on a mission to make fashion resale simple, safe, affordable, and accessible to everyone. By using an app that allows sellers to snap, share, and sell their well-loved apparel, you can quickly monetize your wardrobe. Tradesy also has a pretty incredible return policy: if a buyer wants to return an item, the team at Tradesy HQ will handle it, and you’ll keep your payout as long as the listing was honest and accurate! Even better, sellers earn more than 80 percent of all sales. Time to start listing!

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Pass along your preloved pieces and make some additional money on eBay. Not only do sellers have complete control to upload photos, choose the price, and interact with interested buyers on this platform, but the selling fee is quite low in comparison to other platforms (generally less than 10 percent). You can also try the bidding option to set a minimum sale price and have buyers bid on your items. Once the allocated period ends, the highest bidder wins. Bring more traffic to your Ebay store, by promoting it on social media!

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Hi Sophie, thanks for putting this together. Are they all available in the UK?
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The sustainable criteria form our Slow & Ethical Index and helps Urbankissed to be consistent and transparent in selecting the fashion we showcase and why. Look for these standards on our products and become immersed in the new economy of change.

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