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Perfect, join for free our globally curated e-commerce marketplace where buyers around the world shop for unique and artisan-made wares. Benefit from our wide range of marketing services and highly inspiring editorial content fully related to storytelling, emotional stimuli and brand curation. We help you start and grow your business with an additional distribution channel on your terms or by just referring to our policies. Manage everything through your very easy to handle vendor dashboard account. You do not need to bring much knowledge in shipping and tax regulations. Our professional team will help you! Oh and benefit from endlessly increasing traffic as the more vendors, the more traffic is brought to our site and the more attention you get from new potential customers.

Apply as a vendor now. We will be in touch real soon to let you know about the result of your application.

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Our Services

Low Fees

Joining Urbankissed is free. There is only a small commission fee and a standard payment processing fee.

Commission Fee:

In order to provide you professional help, to develop our online shop and to follow our marketing promises to boost your income, Urbankissed charges 12% for each sold product on our site (product price only). So note, we do not ask for periodical payments. If you do not sell anything, there will also nothing be charged from our side.

Payment Processing Fee:

Currently, we use Paypal in order to pay you out. They charge a percentage-based fee each time you accept a card payment.


We’re committed to supporting our vendors. Hit us up and we will support you in creating an ordinary editorial content for your vendor shop here on Urbankissed!

Reach our support staff by email:


Powerful Tools

We offer a fully equipped and user friendly vendor dashboard where you can configure all basic online shop settings and many extra features such as personalising and desining your shop store, customising shipping destinations and tax rules, providing gift cards, sales and promotions, setting up real time or manual shipping methods, adding your own policy and much more...

We provide you an accurate manual to help you with all these settings.


Our content marketing concept and knowledge in consumer behaviour makes it easy to promote and grow your business. To attract traffic and to inspire our (loyal) customers, we develop emotional stimuli by doing storytelling & brand curation. We create shoppable moodboards & campaigns, feature you on our social media accounts, send newsletter out, focus on SEO, run a blog and much more...

You and your brand are in the focus!

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