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Nefertiti Lollipops

The bright-coloured sloulder bag to wear from day to night. Handmade with soft satin fabrics in neon green colour and a vintage-inspired, gold-toned chain.

Every order comes with a matching colour scrunchie, a gift just for you!

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Athens, Greece

Shop Owner: Katerina Skounti

On Urbankissed since: 2018

Inspired by Nefertiti, the most beautiful and powerful Egyptian Queen, and the Hellenic aesthetic, Nefertiti Workshop products are the blend of ancient elegance and ethereal beauty. The company was founded in July 2015 by Katerina Skounti with the aim of revealing every woman’s beauty - inside and out.

Nefertiti Workshop products are all handmade in Greece and the raw materials used are selected with care and processed with affection. We are dedicated to providing high quality products at reasonable prices without compromising on quality. About our logo: "Nefertiti" now coincides with the Egyptian Queen's gold necklace, symbolizing the coexistence of simplicity, elegance and charm. Nefertiti Workshop offers free shipping worldwide!

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