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Literally one of the cutest ethical fashion marketplaces I’ve ever seen. Thanks for putting this together and the great customer service!
The work you are doing is remarkable, you should be super proud as a brand, already having 50+ beautiful brands in one place. A lot of research goes into seeking out the true sustainable brands, those whose morale’s and ethics are in line with your own, they are the people you truly want to be working alongside, and build a strong, lasting relationship with. Also, kudos to you for offsetting the carbon emissions on delivery! This is awesome, and something I’m sure your customer really appreciates.
I bought some sneakers from Everlane and I am more than happy with them! They look exactly as expected and are more than comfortable. The colour (blush) is also very nice and I think they are something special. I love to wear them. The shipment was also very fast. I really can recommend them and the whole service and communication with urbankissed was very customer friendly! :)